Maximize Uptime with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) PDU

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) PDU?

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) PDU is a specialized power strip designed to connect to two power sources. One serves as the primary source and the other as a backup. If the primary power source fails, the ATS PDU immediately switches to the backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the connected equipment. Upon restoration of the primary power, the PDU seamlessly transitions back, offering a reliable and consistent power supply at all times.


Common ATS Configurations

The primary reason to employ an ATS PDU is to safeguard equipment against power loss, guaranteeing maximized system uptime. Here are the most common ATS configurations:

  • Single-corded equipment This configuration establishes a safeguard for devices that only have a single power input, ensuring continuous power even if one source fails.

  • Maintenance UPS Bypass Useful for when maintenance on the UPS is required, allowing for a direct power supply without shutting down connected devices.

  • Multi UPS Designed for maximum redundancy by connecting to two distinct UPS units, ensuring continuous power even if one UPS encounters issues.

    Considerations When Choosing an ATS PDU

    When pinpointing the ideal ATS PDU, several factors are pivotal:

    • Remote management Enables remote surveillance and administration of your equipment, allowing status checks and prompt alerts in case of power disturbances.
    • Fast Transfer Switch Time The rapidity of the transition between the primary and backup power sources is essential to avoid any operational interruptions.
    • Out of Phase Transfer A premium ATS PDU should accommodate out-of-phase transfers between power sources without causing equipment damage.
    • Individual outlet control for load shedding By deactivating non-vital equipment during extended outages, the uptime of critical devices is prolonged, maximizing operational efficiency.

    Need More Information or Assistance?

    Power management might be intricate, but we're here to simplify it for you. If you have more questions or require assistance choosing the ideal ATS PDU, reach out to us. Our expert team is eager to guide you through the selection process, ensuring your systems remain resilient and efficient. Contact us now, and let's collaborate for optimal power management solutions.