Power Distribution for Mission Critical Applications

Remote Access Experts

We draw from over 20 years of experience in remote power management to ensure secure and robust network accessibility. SynLink PDUs are equipped with Enterprise-level Networking Protocols such as SNMP, HTTP(s), SSH, SMTP, Syslog, and more, giving you confidence that your PDU is secure and compatible with any management software.
All PDU’s are UL62368-1 Certified to ensure safety and reliability. In addition, all of our PDUs come with a standard 3-year warranty to give you the best confidence in your investment.
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Real-Time and Accurate Measurements

Gather useful metrics, such as Power Factor for gauging equipment efficiency, Energy Metering for accurate bill estimation or Power for load balancing. Plus, all PDUs are calibrated to 1% accuracy so you have the best information possible.
All SynLink PDUs come standard with inlet-level energy monitoring. Switched Pro+ models have additional outlet-level power metering and outlet switching for complete control of your equipment.

All Bases Covered

Our propietary technologies detect issues and take actions before problems arise.
True Voltage Detection
Each relay has a dedicated voltage sensor to immediately detect relay failure.
Onboard Diagnostics
We track key metrics such as lifetime energy accumulation, switch count, and max current/voltages to accurately assess PDU health.
Multiple Access Ports
Multiple communication ports such as Ethernet, USB 2.0, USB-serial, LCD and RS232 serial port ensures you always have access to your PDU.



Simple and Easy to Use

Let's Simplify Your Life

Your PDU actively monitors power use and can be programmed to take immediate action:
  • Send SNMP trap when your equipment suddenly losses power.
  • Use Auto-Ping to notify you when your equipment's network goes down.
  • Daily or hourly notification of your rack's temperature and humidity readings.
See our Documentations Page for a full list of event triggers and actions.

Modern and Intuitive Interface

Each SynLink PDU hosts a lightweight, easy-to-use, Java-free Web interface that lets you get things done with less effort and time. The Status Dashboard provides important information at a glance.
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SynLink Web Dashboard


Never in the Dark

As engineers, we know how frustrating lack of support can be. We have been there too, so we made sure to document everything we do and share it on our website. Our Web API and CLI documentation are regularly updated with content-rich examples and how-to’s.

If you find yourself looking for more than a few minutes, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Synaccess Web API Documentation



A Powerful Control Module

SynLink Control Module features Arm® Cortex-A5 for energy-efficient, high-performance processing.
Dual Firmware Images
For Robust Firmware Updates
Advanced Security
Added security functions such as JTAG protection and AES encryption to prevent malicious attacks
Hot-Swappable Module
Allows you to service your PDU without downtime