Power Redundancy for Legacy Equipment

Adding Power Redundancy to Legacy Single Corded IT Equipment


legacy equipment


Single Corded IT equipment is provided power redundancy by connecting to an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Power Distribution Unit which accepts two inputs from redundant power sources. The ATS PDU maintains power to connected equipment by switching to an active backup power source if the primary source goes down.

Many rackmount servers, switches and other IT rackmount equipment have redundant power supplies (dual-corded). Equipment with one power supply (single-corded) are susceptible to power failures. The single-corded equipment is not utilizing power source redundancy. 

SynLink ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) PDUs is the solution. Two power sources can be fed as inputs into the ATS PDU. Single-corded equipment is connected to the ATS PDU output receptacles. Failure of the primary power source results in the ATS PDU automatically detecting and switching to the secondary power source without a noticeable interruption at the outlets. Redundant power sources can now be utilized for IT equipment with single power supplies.

 ATS Inlet Settings Screenshot*ATS Inlet Status Page


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