• Predictive Failure Analysis in Smart PDUs

    Predictive Failure Analysis (FA) is the process of measuring and analyzing system characteristics to predict failures before they occur.

    Discover how Predictive FA in SynLink PDUs can give you peace of mind and help you sleep at night.

  • Automating IoT Device Recovery

    The IoT network enabled device which reports sensor data crashes repeatedly from an unknown issue. It also does not have a remote management card or remote access card to manage and recover the device. The set up requires manual intervention to restart and recover, costing time and money.
  • Power Redundancy for Legacy Equipment

    Many rackmount servers, switches and other IT equipment have multiple redundant power supplies (dual-corded). For facilities with two redundant power sources, equipment with one power supply (single-corded) are susceptible to primary power source failure. The single corded equipment is not utilizing power source redundancy.