Automating IoT Device Recovery

Automating IoT Device Recovery From Application Level Networking Failures.

An IoT device that fails to respond to pings is restarted by a SynLink Power Distribution Unit (PDU), which monitors the ping statuses. Failures are logged, and logging information is used to identify the cause of the issue.

The IoT network-enabled device that reports sensor data crashes repeatedly from an unknown issue. It also does not have a remote management card or remote access card to manage and recover the device. The setup requires manual intervention to restart and recover, costing time and money. 

With a SynLink Power Distribution Unit, the built-in AutoPing feature is configured to monitor the ping status of the troubled device. Using the IoT device's LAN IPV4 address, the PDU pings the address at a periodic rate and triggers multiple user-defined actions when there is no response.

AutoPing Setup Screenshot

*Screenshot of the AutoPing Reboot configuration page on the SynLInk Web Interface


Once triggered, an SNMP trap notification is sent to the monitoring software running on the local area network, an email is sent to the lead technician, and the outlet that the IoT device is connected to automatically power cycles to restart the device.

All losses of ping are subsequently logged and characterized. Failure patterns are found, and the source of the error is identified.


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