• Maximize Uptime with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) PDU

    An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) PDU is a specialized power strip designed to connect to two power sources. One serves as the primary source and the other as a backup. If the primary power source fails, the ATS PDU immediately switches to the backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the connected equipment. Upon restoration of the primary power, the PDU seamlessly transitions back, offering a reliable and consistent power supply at all times.

  • Power Distribution Guide for Power Redundant Servers

    A poorly planned power distribution system can result in downtime, data loss, and potential equipment damage. Careful planning and consideration of redundant backup power distribution is essential to ensure the stability and reliability of the server rack infrastructure.
  • Power Distribution Guide for Home Mining

    As interest in home mining grows, it becomes important to understand how to safely handle these ultra high power-consuming devices. Electricity, heat, and noise are just a few things that home miners need to consider.

    Of these considerations, power is the most dangerous and the least understood.

    This guide aims to clear up the confusion.

  • Out-Of-Band Console Server

    In addition to safe and reliable power delivery, SynLink PDUs give you fully secured, remote out-of-band access to your important assets such as servers, bitcoin/crypto miners, network devices, desktop PCs, etc.
  • Smart Load Shedding

    Respond to unplanned events to protect your electrical power system from blackouts and other unintended consequences. 

  • AutoPing - Device and Network Monitor

    Tired of turning things off and back on again? The AutoPing Monitor saves you time and money by detecting the problem and doing it for you.